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[Video] Financial Goals: Are We There Yet?

[Video] Financial Goals: Are We There Yet?

Are you there yet? Maybe you have heard this recently if you’ve just gone on a long road trip with kids in the car, and we always hear them say, “are we there yet?”

The question for you is, “Are you there yet?”

And this is talking about your financial goals and the financial progress you are making. 

1. Financial Goals: How Will You Know? 

I want to challenge you to think: “how do you even know?” That is the first one: how will you know once you are there?

As you are working towards your goals, there has to be a point where you say, “this is what I am trying to achieve.” 

So how will you know when you get there? And that is something very important to know because that will help you along the way to set milestones of where you should be. 

2. Do You Have Financial Goals? 

Secondly, do you have thing written down so that you can actually say, “we’ve reached these milestones.” This is just like a road trip you are going to take. You print out and follow a map to an end location. 

So just like that, we need to set a map to where we are going to go. That so when we get to the end, I know I’m there. 

The end could be retirement, partial retirement, or moving to where you are just volunteering. Whatever that looks like, there could be so many different way that could look. You just need to know what the end looks like. 

That allows us to set a path. Then the 10, 20, or 30 years we have left to get there, we just need to make sure we know what we need to be doing along the way, so that you know you are going to reach there. 

We can help you do this, but we want to make sure you’re at least thoughtful of knowing are you there yet and if not, are there some things you could get to help so you can actually know when you are there?

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