What reminds you of Thanksgiving?  Is it gathering around the table with family?  Is it going to grandma’s house?  Is it football or pumpkin pie?

Financial Design Studio Thanksgiving MessageThink back to the very first Thanksgiving, when the pilgrims left England with everything they had in the boat.  They still celebrated, because they didn’t have much.  And they almost didn’t make it through that first November – December, until they were able to plant and harvest that next year.  They celebrated what they had and who was around them.

Gratefulness really helps you to appreciate the hard work you’ve put in when you achieve something.  We’re hoping you can look and think back over the past year.

What are some things you’re thankful and grateful for?

We can list a few items ourselves:

First, for our clients who are always so encouraging.  Next for our friends and family who are so supportive.  And Finally for many of the stories we’ve hard and gotten to be a part of.

From our family to yours; Happy Thanksgiving!