This Is What Progress Looks Like

by Financial Design Studio, Inc. / December 13, 2018

What does it look like when you’re making great progress toward completing a project or solving a problem for the first time?  Does every step move along with ease? Or do you find small things that need fixed along the way? So then it feels like you take one step back to take two steps forward, continuing that pattern until the goal is reached.

This is what we are watching in the daily news as we see the progress and then steps back as progress toward a deal continues to be hoped for.  The market swings are painting this picture very clearly too. You see days with a large pullback in stock prices and then days with positive stock price movement.

Financial Design Studio Progress

Many people think that the path to becoming wealthy is to have the highest paying job for life.  We see so many individuals with respectable jobs earning a living whether on one income or two that are reaching their goals and many even becoming wealthy.  Progress in the lives of these people has been to live within their means, continuing to save when the market is high and low. Steadily progressing toward their goals even in spite of years when they may face tough circumstances.

Don’t get discouraged if the market is lower than you hoped and your account balances fluctuating.  Keep doing the continual actions of saving as you earn. You benefit when you continue to invest even as the market is volatile.

And don’t count yourself out of reaching your goals!  We are happy to help reassure you your plan is right for you.

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