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The Calendar And The Checkbook Never Lie! [Video]

by Michelle Smalenberger / June 6, 2021

Have you ever thought you were doing something only to find out you weren’t making the progress you thought you were?  For example, you’ve just run a couple of miles and think you’re losing weight. But you get on the scale and there’s no difference.  Or maybe you’re shopping and you have to spend more to save more for a discount. Did you really save anything? Two things that never lie are the calendar and the checkbook. These are two things you can analyze to see if you’re spending them where you desire.

Two Places to Check- The Calendar and the Checkbook

  1. First, analyze what you are and have been doing with your time and money.  Look at past statements or look at the calendar for the past few weeks and months.  Maybe keep a time journal to see where you’re spending time for a week or two. Even if you’re someone who doesn’t like to have a budget that you abide by, you can go back and analyze your habits.
  2. Second, ask questions about what you analyzed.  Is this where you thought you were spending your time and money?  Is this what you want to be spending on? Or do some changes and adjustments need to be made?

If you noticed that something needs to change, then it’s time to just GET STARTED!  We tell ourselves many messages but at some point you have to START!  Your time and money relate to each other because they can affect how long you need to save or how much you need to save.

Also, how much you have saved will affect how long your money can last. We’ve all seen charts where the person who starts in their 20’s ends up with so much more money in the long run simply because they started sooner.  All other things being equal, they had time on their side.

Analyze, ask questions, and then GET STARTED!  Your calendar and your checkbook never lie!  If you have any questions or want to get started saving while you have time on your side, reach out to us.

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Michelle Smalenberger

I have a passion for helping others develop a path to financial success! Through different lenses on your financial picture, I want to help create solutions with you that are thoughtful of today and the future. I have seen in my life the power of having a financial plan while making slight changes of direction from time to time. I believe you can experience freedom from anxiety and even excitement when you know your finances are on track.