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[Video] 21 Days To Better Habits – There’s More Than One Starting Point

[Video] 21 Days To Better Habits – There’s More Than One Starting Point


We’ve all heard stories from people, who started their careers in different ways. everyone has a different story of where they got started. There’s not only one right path, for your professional career.

Some people went to school. Some started an opportunity right away. Some are public figures. And some are even athletes.

Developing Good Habits

Likewise think of your parents, who taught you in one area or two areas, how to develop really good habits. Or how to do something really well. Think of areas: nutrition, exercise, work ethic, volunteering, or even relationships. 

Did your parents do something really well? Or perhaps they didn’t instill certain habits when you were young, that now in your adult life you are working on.

Rarely do people do all of these things really well. So in our adult lives, we are now trying to work on certain areas. There’s something that we’re trying to master. We’re continually trying to work and succeed at.

Remember – New Habits Can Be Formed In 21 Days.

Are you trying to start something new, but you fail to get past day 8 or day 1? Well don’t give up. Remember there’s more than one starting point in a year. Just like those places that people started in their careers. There’s different places you can start.

So there’s been a few things that we’ve shared over the course of these videos. And one was, try one new thing. So if you’re doing this new thing, don’t over whelm yourself by trying to succeed at three new goals. Do that one thing really well. And then break it up into small pieces.

So just try one little step at a time.

How To Use 21 Days As Your Goal

And then when you need to, just keep restarting. Whether that’s day 8, 15, day 3. Or you get through the day 21, and now you’re ready to start at day 22. To start another round of new days.

Recently I’ve been getting up earlier to exercise. And so as we’ve been making progress, I’ve been setting 21 days. And that’s been the time that I focus on. So I get through day 21, and then I start again. So day 1, we start again.

And that’s really helped to break it up into sections. And the good thing about starting a new set of 21 days, is that in that it sets a new goal. Or a new challenge that I’m trying to reach.

Challenge Yourself

So challenge yourself. There’s more than one starting path. There’s more than one place that you can work from, so you’re creating your own story.

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