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Stock Market Headlines Grabbing Your Attention?

by Financial Design Studio, Inc. / February 12, 2018

Stock Market Headlines Grabbing Your Attention?

As we see increased volatility in the market, do you find that news headlines are grabbing your attention? It’s no wonder you’re attention is piqued. Consider the following ways headlines could be written:

“1,000 point drop in the Dow”   versus   “2% drop in the Dow”

“Dow travels 20,000 points”    versus     “Dow remains unchanged in volatile trading day”

The above two statements would be saying the same thing for the day’s market action, but one draws your attention more than the other. So of course, that’s what you’ll see in the headlines. And this happening days in a row can cause concern in investors’ minds. Let’s put this in perspective from the past year and beyond:

Financial Design Studio Market Drop

Don’t panic! Instead, do what you have done for your entire investing history:  

  • Continue to add money to your retirement accounts each paycheck so that over time you are investing new dollars as the market moves forward.
  • Make sure you are choosing quality investments that can grow as the economy continues to strengthen.
  • Ensure your risk tolerance is accounted for so that when we see volatility, you are comfortable with your long-term strategy.



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