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Stay the Course

by Financial Design Studio, Inc. / March 29, 2018

Stay the Course

The last five days we have experienced a large amount of volatility.  You can see from the above chart how the markets have really taken our portfolios for a ride.  Remember back in August of 2017 we posted about how the market can feel like a roller coaster? This is an appropriate reminder that this happens over time.

Now, consider all that has happened since that blog post and how the market has moved forward in spite of the volatility.  Here’s a chart showing the market since then. The perspective of a larger time horizon really brings light to understand a bigger picture.

This serves as a great reminder to STAY THE COURSE!  If you have set your portfolio to achieve goals that you are looking toward in the future then you can stay the course knowing that volatility will come.  Often it can be the volatility that allows for another break-out of growth in the market. We still believe that investing will help you to achieve your goals as you save toward them.

So in these times remind yourself that volatility does come but STAY THE COURSE!  Continue your regular saving habits to add funds to your retirement and investment accounts so that you are taking advantage of the market dips with the new dollars being invested.  If you aren’t sure your portfolio is set to weather the market volatility please let us know how we can help.



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