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September Investment Newsletter -2020

by Financial Design Studio, Inc. / September 21, 2020

In the September Investment Newsletter

Investing: Entering a Brave New World

In our March 2020 Newsletter – “Reassessing the Investment Landscape” – we looked at what future investment returns could look like in a low interest rate environment. The 10-year U.S. government bond yield had just declined to an all-time low of 0.60% and the Federal Reserve cut short-term interest rates to 0% in response to COVID. Low interest rates have persisted since then, and the Federal Reserve has made it clear that short-term rates will stay near 0% for an extended number of years.

There have been two additional developments that we believe warrant discussion. In our view, these events mark a shift in how investors should think about the environment they’re used to investing in. The first is the increasing acceptance of what’s called Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). The second is the new approach the Federal Reserve is taking to targeting inflation. 

I promise not to get bogged down in the complexities of these changes. We’ll go over the basics of these policy shifts so you know what’s going on. But the goal with this month’s newsletter is that clients understand what these shifts mean for their investments. So sit tight.  Download the Newsletter to see the rest of “Entering a Brave New World”.

Business Owners & Credit Protection:  When to Incorporate? Credit Protection

When lots of people think about incorporating their business they tend to think of the tax advantages they may get instead of the liability protections.  That’s actually what I want to encourage you to think about today.  To find out more keep reading or watch the video!

Community Service:  Labor Day and Community service

We all love breaks from the routine Labor Day, for example, we don’t have to go into work we can do what we need.  But what if this year you gave up your time you gave it away rather than doing what you wanted.

Oftentimes with community service it’s amazing how something that costs us nothing could actually be everything to someone else.  There are a variety of ways we can do that.

Investing & Custodial Accounts:  Non Tax Advantaged Savings Account

Maybe you’re trying to plan for your child’s future and all the options you look at help you cover college expenses but you just want to save for their future, not only college. You understand that there are tax benefits to saving in college savings accounts, but you want flexibility for how the funds will be used.  Watch this video or read the article here. 

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