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[Video] Labor Day and Community Service

by Financial Design Studio, Inc. / September 3, 2020

[Video] Labor Day and Community Service

We all love breaks from the routine Labor Day, for example, we don’t have to go into work we can do what we need.  But what if this year you gave up your time you gave it away rather than doing what you wanted.  

Oftentimes with community service it’s amazing how something that costs us nothing could actually be everything to someone else.  There are a variety of ways we can do that.

We’ve done that where we’ve gone to an organization and packed meals to send internationally, we’ve helped those locally through a food bank, or packing backpacks for back to school.  

This could be a variety of things, something like packing meals doesn’t cost you anything you just show up and help.  But something where you are doing a backpack or you’re giving items to a food pantry that does cost you something.  You can try whatever works for you.  So this year Financial Design Studio is encouraging you to find something where you can be involved in the community and those around you and use Labor Day to celebrate your time off.

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