[Video] Happy Father’s Day

by Financial Design Studio, Inc. / June 11, 2018

[Video] Happy Father’s Day


We wanted to share some things we learned from our dads on Father’s Day!


I can remember a time when my parents dropped me off for camp and my dad saying, “If you want friends you have to be a friend.”

My dad has always been a lifelong learner and loves to read and attend conferences and that’s been passed on to me.

Thirdly, I remember struggling with shooting free throws when I was younger.  My dad shared that if I wanted to get better at something I needed to practice.


I remember being at the cash register and my dad would always ask me how much change he would get back if he gave them payment of a certain amount.  This reminded me to think ahead and calculate things in my head versus just trusting the machine for the answer.

I also recall working on cars or fixing something we did regularly like an oil change or replacing brake pads.  He would ask me what tool would be needed next or what step was next. That encouraged me to think ahead and anticipate what should be next so I was prepared to be helpful in the process.

What a great way to honor your father this Father’s Day!  Think of some ways you’ve learned something from him or a useful skill he taught you and share that with him.  Happy Father’s Day!


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