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[Video] A Financial Win/Loss Record

Financial Design Studio Financial Win

[Video] A Financial Win/Loss Record STEPHEN SMALENBERGER, EA ® I love sports and we are at the end of the football season. Now whether you are cheering for your favorite team or another team.  I thought it would be a fun comparison between what teams need to consider and what we need to consider in…

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[Video] Happy Father’s Day

[Video] Happy Father’s Day STEPHEN & MICHELLE SMALENBERGER, EA & CFP® We wanted to share some things we learned from our dads on Father’s Day! Steve: I can remember a time when my parents dropped me off for camp and my dad saying, “If you want friends you have to be a friend.” My dad…

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[Video] It’s Not About The Checklist

[Video] It’s Not About The Checklist MICHELLE SMALENBERGER, CFP® As much as it’s about the checklist, it’s really NOT about the checklist.  We’re really talking about moments with money rather than just checking boxes. Here’s a checklist people commonly have of items they have to complete with their finances: Save Invest what I’m saving Set a Plan Set some…

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