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[Video] Roth Conversions: What Are They & How Do They Work?

STEPHEN SMALENBERGER, EA We want to introduce a design element that we like to use in financial plans, when it makes sense.  And this strategy is known as the Roth Conversion. Money may be put into a Roth IRA in two forms: Contribution(s) Conversion(s) As explained in prior articles and videos, the Roth IRA contributions…

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[Video] How Tax-Deferred Accounts Work

STEPHEN SMALENBERGER, EA There are only three types of accounts: Taxable Tax-Deferred Tax-Free We focused on the Taxable accounts last time.  Let’s jump in now and look at the second, Tax-Deferred. The accounts in this registration category include the following: Traditional IRA Traditional 401(k) Traditional 403(b) Traditional 457 Thrift Savings Plan The movement of money…

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