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Stock Market

Digesting The Weekly News

Financial Design Studio Weekly News

Digesting The Weekly News Why does the market continue moving higher when the news we read seems to only provide reasons it shouldn’t be?  Let’s review a few news pieces we’ve seen this week to understand how they apply to your portfolio. More people employed and higher wages helps the stock market? We continue to…

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A Short-Term Change for the Mid Term?

Financial Design Studio Election

A Short-Term Change for the Mid Term? We talk a lot about how to maintain a long-term view of your investment portfolio.  But, there are times that a short-term view may be appropriate for anticipated changes in your life.  One contributing factor to consider is the upcoming mid-term elections. Leading up to these elections you’ve…

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Why Income And Expenses Matter

Financial Design Studio Income

Why Income And Expenses Matter Do you consider yourself a savvy shopper trying to find a discount?  Or do you research something fully in order to find the product with the best quality and consider the higher cost worth it? Just like the above thoughts for buying a product, these things should be considered when…

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Investment Crisis Anniversaries to Remember

Financial Design Studio Investment Crisis

Investment Crisis Anniversaries to Remember Today marks our 10 year wedding anniversary and so it seems fitting to think back to the effect of investment crisis anniversaries.  There were lessons learned at each investment crisis anniversary and it shapes how you continue to invest over the years ahead. See our examples in the list below.…

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