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Stock Market

What Are Whisper Numbers?

What Are Whisper Numbers? Have you ever heard rumors of a news story before it actually makes the headlines?  Have you ever heard people discussing the possible outcomes of anything before it actually happens?  Like these analogies today’s word we’ll discuss is similar.  A Whisper Number forecasts what investors think will happen before the earnings…

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It’s A Matter Of Time

It’s A Matter Of Time With the market at all-time highs is it still a good time to invest?  Even seasoned investors who are still adding money toward their goals may consider whether the time is right.  This isn’t necessarily just a question for today’s market, but it could be asked any time.  The answer…

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Market Supply & Demand

Market Supply & Demand Last week we discussed the significance of volume and how that can tell us a variety of things about market activity.  Now let’s discuss what actually makes the market move. Daily, there are articles and news stories telling us why the market is moving the direction it is.  While these do…

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The Significance of Volume

The Significance of Volume Every day when stocks trade on the market there is a measure tracking how many shares are bought and sold.  This measurement is known as volume. Notice below how you can see the volume change each day. Volume is another tool that can help investors understand how and what other investors…

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Stay the Course

Stay the Course The last five days we have experienced a large amount of volatility.  You can see from the above chart how the markets have really taken our portfolios for a ride.  Remember back in August of 2017 we posted about how the market can feel like a roller coaster? This is an appropriate…

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