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Is Now The Right Time to Invest?

Is Now The Right Time to Invest?

We’ve witnessed the markets move higher for several months and you may be wondering, “Is now the right time to invest?” If you’ve had funds invested over the course of this time you have been able to benefit by seeing your money grow.  For you, we posted a video a few weeks ago simply reminding you to be happy with the growth you experience.  Now, if you haven’t been investing you may be asking, is it too late?

Every person, when they are getting started, asks the same question.  So what is our basic philosophy about investing? If our basic investing philosophy is that over the long-term markets move higher as economies continue to strengthen, then you can experience progress whenever you get started.  Even with a belief that over time markets push higher, here’s another question to ask, “Is now the right time to invest?”

Financial Design Studio Right Time To Invest

In the image above you can see that over the past 5 years even getting in at a high point the market continued to push even higher. Now, as we get to the later stages of this economic cycle, it is appropriate to consider the growth of our economy and the likelihood of that continuing.

We still believe that the market has room to move even higher! Those starting to invest today can still benefit based on our belief that markets move higher over the long-term.


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