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Don’t Do This To Yourself!

financial design studio market swings up and down draft

Don’t Do This To Yourself! It’s On…No, It’s Off…Maybe…It’s Back On, It’s Off Again…this was the story of the week! This week’s investment story was China. How the deal that has been talked about for many months was on and off again over the course of days. Don’t drive yourself crazy! Did this week bring…

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Are Interest Rates the Only Story in Town?

Financial Design Studio Interest Rate Only Story

Are Interest Rates the Only Story in Town? We’ve been discussing market factors we are watching, recently. The recent items have included global trade with China, corporate earnings season, and interest rates. This week the Federal Reserve Chair, Jerome Powell, spoke again about direction for interest rates. The market pulled back for a couple days…

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Still Strong Earnings

Still Strong Earnings It was a week of earnings data releases! This week we have received several pieces of data that can provide some guidance as to how the economy performed in the first quarter. Even with the good news, the market is not soaring to new highs. It is awaiting many other company results…

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