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Archive for January 2019

Going for the [Financial] Goal

Financial Design Studio Financial Goal

Going for the [Financial] Goal Many people know there’s a big football game ahead this weekend.  Are you ready to enjoy it with all the friends and food that may be tradition?  Just like you’ll be cheering your team on to go for the goal; you can also treat your investments like you’re going for…

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[Video] A Financial Win/Loss Record

Financial Design Studio Financial Win

[Video] A Financial Win/Loss Record STEPHEN SMALENBERGER, EA ® I love sports and we are at the end of the football season. Now whether you are cheering for your favorite team or another team.  I thought it would be a fun comparison between what teams need to consider and what we need to consider in…

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Look Back For Change: Investment Appetite

Financial Design Studio Financial Appetite

Look Back For Change: Investment Appetite We typically think to look forward when we want to see financial change.  But have you ever looked back at the past to see if anything has changed that could affect the future outlook?  Let’s consider our thoughts prior to the midterm elections and whether anything has changed that…

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[Video] Financial Timing Is (Almost) Everything

Financial Design Timing

MICHELLE SMALENBERGER, CFP ® [Video] Financial Timing Is (Almost) Everything Timing is everything!  Well maybe in this situation timing isn’t everything; but it IS really important.  What I’m talking about is that as you go through life there are things happening with your finances at each stage. Some obvious instances where timing really does matter…

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