2018 Market Repeat?

by Financial Design Studio, Inc. / January 3, 2019

As we look back on 2018 it was certainly a wild ride.  The first 3 quarters of the year brought strong market performance all for it to fizzle in the last quarter of the year.  And yet, analysts we like to follow are already forecasting a strong 2019 with potential double digit returns. That seems odd to say, with all the volatility we are going through.  Could 2019 be a replay of 2018, but in reverse? Will we work through the main issues holding the market back early in the year to see strong performance later in the year?

Economic growth was strong in 2018 and is again expected to be in 2019.  This is driving many analysts expectations for market performance. However, there are a few issues driving volatility we are seeing.

  1. Global Trade Tension
  2. Future Interest Rate Raises
  3. Current Government Shutdown

Here’s a look back at our most read market updates from last year which highlight the volatility of the year.

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As we start this year we will be watching first quarter earnings results closely.  This will likely set a tone for the market early in the year as to the expectations of economic performance.

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