Podcast Episode 5: What About Cryptocurrency?

by Financial Design Studio, Inc. / November 28, 2022

Everyone has heard about crypto. Its all over the news, but is it the future? Hear from Rob, our chief investment officer, on what he thinks about the FTX collapse and the risks associated with investing in cryptocurrency. 

Ep 5 : What About Cryptocurrency?

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Key Moments

0:12 What happened with the FTX exchange? 

2:49 What even is cryptocurrency? 

5:17 Why do people want to buy crypto?

9:11 What is the risk association? 

14:05 How does this apply to the market?

15:12 Where does value come from?

18:59 What about investment risk?

24:01 How do you analyze risk?

28:20 How do you win at investing?

30:53 What’s next for crypto? 

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