Schedule your tax return [Video]

by Michelle Smalenberger, CFP® / December 21, 2020

Have you ever thought to schedule your tax return?  Let me explain what I am talking about and the advantages to this.  We know that once January 1st comes we start getting tax documents in the mail.  But after these documents have all arrived people often procrastinate and time just slips by until suddenly April 15th is here!  April 15th is the deadline to have your tax return filed and your payments made, if you owe money.  

What does it mean to schedule your tax return?

Scheduling your tax return means once you get all of your documents that you meet with your accountant as soon as possible.  It might be early February when you are ready to meet with your accountant. You can go ahead and get your tax return done!  Give all of your records to your accountant so they can complete your return for you.  There might even be some planning you can do to change your tax results. 

The benefits

With your return complete if you owe more money the great thing is that now you have additional time to save for that.  So if you were surprised and don’t have money set aside already, now you have a couple of months before the April 15th deadline.  You don’t need to panic but rather plan out how to make those funds available.

Ultimately what I mean by scheduling your tax return is to get your return done as soon as you are able, so you know the result.  Don’t procrastinate until April 10th to find out what the result is.  

You can stop any anxiety by giving yourself time to prepare for the due date.  Or if you should receive a refund now you can get that back sooner too! Perhaps you need to file a tax extension because there are forms you won’t receive even before April 15th. 

Get your return filed by your accountant early.  You will also be helping your accountant by getting it done earlier.  They just might thank you!      

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