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Hits & Misses, Goals In Your Life [Video]

by Michelle Smalenberger / January 11, 2020

The last time we had family over, we pulled out some old games we had saved when we were kids. 

One in particular is Battleship. It is a really fun game where you and your opponent try to find and sink each other’s five ships. And one really important part of this game is these pegs here. The red and white ones. 

The white are for the misses. The red are for the hits.  

If you don’t keep track, you can be firing all over the board and be missing. 

And this is really important in our lives too. All different areas of our lives.  As we are raising our kids, how are we parenting? In our business. Personally. Spiritually. 

But also, financially. What areas am I hitting and doing really well on?

And what areas am I missing. Where am I throwing up a bunch of whites and not really hit the target? Are there patterns I need to be observing and changing? 

So if you find you are missing the mark a lot and throwing up a lot of whites on the board, reach out to us. We are happy to help you find some options that help you work and help you address what you need.  

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Michelle Smalenberger

I have a passion for helping others develop a path to financial success! Through different lenses on your financial picture, I want to help create solutions with you that are thoughtful of today and the future. I have seen in my life the power of having a financial plan while making slight changes of direction from time to time. I believe you can experience freedom from anxiety and even excitement when you know your finances are on track.