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Remember To Keep A Thankful Perspective

Remember To Keep A Thankful Perspective

We talk a lot about keeping a long term perspective.  But what about keeping a thankful perspective? Just like the long term perspective keeps us from making short term investing decisions, a thankful perspective can too.

Many of you haven’t forgotten the financial crisis of 2007-2009.  However, have you forgotten how the market has performed since then?  And do you realize that was now over 10 years ago? It does and doesn’t seem like that long ago.  But the market has recovered and exceeded those levels since then.  

Do you have a Thankful perspective remembering how the market has recovered?  Perhaps the concern over the recent market drop has you anxious again remembering back to other times in your life where the market has not moved higher.  Here’s a chart that shows the historical recessions and bear markets where the market and economy have not seen growth. But what happened after these periods?  The market recovered.Financial Design Studio Thankful Perspective II

It is so important to understand the amount of time you have to invest!  Your timeline makes a big difference in the way you should be investing. You want to feel confident your funds will be there when you need them.  When the market pulls back like it has your situation may warrant some changes. You can’t simply ignore market movements.

Historically, the S&P 500 has averaged a return of 11.86% per year!  We can be thankful the market continues to move higher causing the money you save to compound.  Remembering to be thankful can help us to be less anxious and not make sudden changes out of fear.  If you are sincerely worried about the lack of progress you feel you’re making then you should meet with a professional to get on track.  We hope you find time this Thanksgiving to remember how far you’ve come and refresh that thankful perspective.

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