Podcast Episode 22: Should You Save For Your Kid’s College Education?

by Financial Design Studio, Inc. / July 25, 2023

Should you save for your kid’s college education? The answer depends…so here’s what you need to consider! In this episode, we walk you through how we as advisors and as parents consider funding college. We also breakdown the different tools you might consider using to accomplish this. 

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Steve Smalenberger, EA; Emma Smalenberger; Michelle Smalenberger, CFP®

Behind the Designs Ep 22 : Should I Save for My Kid’s College Education?

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Key Moments

2:54 How do we walk clients through this question?

9:15 Who should be responsible for paying?

11:01 What accounts are available for education savings?

13:23 When should you use a 529 plan?

19:25 Where should you save if you want more flexibility?

23:18 Does switching schools impact the account you use?

26:08 What should you know about college loans?

Links for Should I Save for My Kid’s College Education?

Maybe you have a high school student and are ready to start filling out the FAFSA!

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Watch our video to learn about the Different Ways to Save for College.

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Credits for Episode 22

Executive Producer : Anna Lewis

Host : Michelle Smalenberger, CFP®

Guests : Steve Smalenberger, EA; Emma Smalenberger

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