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[Video] Mother’s Day Appreciation

by Financial Design Studio, Inc. / May 2, 2018

Mother’s Day Appreciation


For Mother’s day we wanted to create a special video to show appreciation to our moms and share what we’ve learned from them and what they’ve taught us.

Michelle’s Lessons Learned:

Two things I can think of are hard work and work ethic.  She and I both grew up on a farm so there were a lot of chores that needed to be done.  I learned from her that we all pitch in and we get things done.

A second lesson was finishing things.  I can remember we had 4-H projects we worked on throughout the year to show at the fair.  The fair and getting your project judged was the fun part! But afterward in order to get your award for the year you needed to write up a summary from your projects to turn in.  This part was always a struggle to complete because it wasn’t as much fun. I remember mom always pushing me to get my book done. It was a good lesson in completing things. As we learned to finish things it served as a reminder that people are expecting you to show up and do the things you said you would.

Steve’s Lessons Learned:

I pulled up my old caddy records and one thing my mom taught me was the importance of details and being thorough.  I can look back here at these records and see who I carried golf bags for, the date, how much I was paid, and how I was rated.  With the extra time to keep these records I can see how the importance of tracking the details was demonstrated.

My mom is a nurse and another thing she taught me was to care for others, be generous and caring toward others.  That has carried through with me even now.

So to our moms and all the other mothers that have impacted our lives HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

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