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Don’t Get Caught in the War of Words

Don’t Get Caught in the War of Words

This week we have seen the trade talks now move to a new stage.  Moving from mere words to actual follow-through of them have many considering what action to take.  We want to caution you not to get caught in the middle of this war of words.

Many of us hope the recent tariffs being exchanged between the U.S. and China lead to a positive outcome.  Whether you’ve read that China is only responsible for a single-digit percentage of our country’s GDP or they make a larger impact, we can all agree any differences need to be worked out.  The volatility that has resulted may have you unsure of how to react.

We appreciate the comments from Jim Cramer about Apple, Inc. regarding his view on the trade differences.  There may not be an overnight fix, but rather a long process toward change needed.  Since it may take some time to resolve this issue we want you to stay out of the middle.  Don’t get caught buying and selling because you’re in a panic or anxious about the outcome.

As you gauge the actions and reactions remind yourself of the bigger picture.  The progress you are making toward your goals and the steps you are working through to achieve them is so important.  This can be one story that could get you caught in the middle. Stay on track with your plan and if you feel that requires some investment changes then don’t be afraid to reach out to get an investment professional involved.