Do You Remember Where You Were Financially In The Recession?

by Financial Design Studio, Inc. / March 21, 2019

Be encouraged!

The market has made a strong comeback in the first three months of this year! This should bring some excitement. Christmas season last year may have been discouraging because the market had spiraled down losing the strong gains from the previous nine months. But now we’re back to seeing growth again.

Financial Design Studio Financial Recession

Now, let’s take another look back to a period of time we all likely remember – the financial crisis of 2007-2008. Do you remember how you felt during that period? And see how the market has come roaring back strong since. We point this out in a variety of ways because you have to be honest with yourself regarding your comfort level with risk. When the market recovers be sure to make the changes you wished you had when the market was down.

Financial Design Studio Financial Recession

Looking ahead the continued growth of the market is dependent on a few things.

1. Impending Recession:

We do not feel a recession is right around the corner but maybe a year or two ahead. We continue to watch for signals that may say differently.

2. Global Trade Tension:

Even if a deal is reached with China many are growing concerned with the ability to enforce and confirm that change is actually being made.

3. Appropriate Rate Monitoring by the Fed:

As of this week the Fed signaled they will hold rates steady. This seems appropriate where the economy seems to be, but we continue to watch for any changes in statements made.

4. Inflation in Check:

Inflation has remained in check as it was a concern in 2018. We continue to watch it closely since we see full employment and higher wages being paid to those employees.

Keep up your continuous financial planning actions as you can see that the market has rewarded you over the past in doing so.

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