Meet the CEO of Financial Design Studio [Video]

by Michelle Smalenberger, CFP® / January 17, 2024

Michelle Smalenberger may be our CEO, but she’s still a regular person with a story. Meet our CEO and learn more about who she is and her journey from accounting paperwork to starting her own company.

Listen to our full conversation in episode 34, “2023 Investment Review and 2024 Outlook,” on the Behind the Designs podcast.

If you have more questions about your investments, executive compensation, or tax planning, then reach out! Our team would love to see how we can help bring confidence to you and your family.

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Michelle Smalenberger, CFP®

I have a passion for helping others develop a path to financial success! Through different lenses on your financial picture, I want to help create solutions with you that are thoughtful of today and the future. I have seen in my life the power of having a financial plan while making slight changes of direction from time to time. I believe you can experience freedom from anxiety and even excitement when you know your finances are on track.