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Business Owner Operational Reviews [Video]

by Trevore Meyer / May 11, 2021

As a business owner one of the things I am constantly on the lookout for is how can I be saving time.  Something to look at as a business owner are operational reviews. We have all heard this saying that time equals money.  It stands to reason that a waste of time is also a waste of money as well.  Today I will be talking about some of the things you can be looking at in your own business as it relates to saving time. 

Business Owner Operational Reviews:

Ways to Save Time with Constant and Repeatable Things

Are there things you do in your business each and every day, week, or month.  Are you doing them at the same time each and every time?  If not you should be looking at a dedicated process.  Process may sound like an intimidating word but really all it is a series of checklists that we go through to make sure that we are doing the same thing, the right way, each and every time.  How do we build a process? I like to think of processes as a series of steps. Break it down literally into every single step, every system we touch.  This data moves here, this data moves here, and then I enter it here.  So when we go through each and every step we know exactly what needs to be done and in the right manner.


Once we get the process down then we can start looking at automation.  Automation is one of my love languages.  I absolutely love saving clicks and keystrokes every single place we can.  These can take a lot of time to set up to begin with but once they are in place it saves you so much time.  It does the same thing over and over again. That means there are less steps you need to take in the process.


Dashboards help you see lots of information in a summarized manner in a really quick easy to glance view. The reason these are important is because there is so much data so many things happening in your business that you’re not quite certain what is the next thing you need to be doing. Dashboards can help you figure this out.  We have a dashboard that shows us the last time we contacted our clients. Then we decide what amount of time makes sense to prompt us to reach out and continue building that relationship.  

Here is the beauty ,we realize everything starts with the process. From that process we can go towards automation then reduce the amount of steps that we have to do. Finally, we can look at our dashboards and summarize some of that information.  What is it telling us that the next most important thing we should be doing?   Once we have this dashboard then we can look at other processes we are doing, how are we saving time, and creating better client relationships. 

It can be a big learning process and sometimes feel like it never stops.  We at FDS rely heavily on our own processes, our automation and dashboards to help us run our business.  We even help other businesses set these up too. If you run your own business and struggle with this please reach out! We would be happy to help you find ways to be more efficient and save time. 

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