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Be Careful Of Financial Short Cuts

by Financial Design Studio, Inc. / June 27, 2018

Be Careful Of Financial Short Cuts

At various times in your life you may remember when you tried to find a short-cut.  And if you decided to take that short-cut did it help you in the long run to achieve the goals you were hoping for? Your finances and investing short-cuts are no different. You have to be careful becomes sometimes they can hurt rather than help.

It’s no secret that the trade talk between the US and other countries hasn’t progressed to where we hoped yet.  However, is this an area where a short-cut would bypass progress that needs to be made? Maybe there are some things that each country needs to realize about their dependence on other countries in order to reach the end with a solid deal.

Here’s an article, Despite Beijing’s threats, some American goods ‘appear inevitable’ for China, discussing some of the problems with the tariffs that China has said they will institute beginning July 6th.  As these tariffs get closer to being enforced we will see what comes of the willingness between the countries to talk.

We believe that a positive outcome will be seen, however the time frame is uncertain. Here’s an article to explain more about why the timing and how long this trade talk lingers, matters.  Cramer: I think Trump will win his trade fight but it better happen quickly for investors.

Also in investing you have to be careful of short-cuts because you have to be right twice.  If you think that you can sell high and buy low at the exact right times you have to do it not once, but twice.  For this reason, consider using this market volatility to add to quality positions you want to hold for the long-term.  Keep your investment and financial plan in check and stick to it. Don’t get hurt by trying to take a short-cut.


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