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Archive for April 2018

What Are Whisper Numbers?

What Are Whisper Numbers? Have you ever heard rumors of a news story before it actually makes the headlines?  Have you ever heard people discussing the possible outcomes of anything before it actually happens?  Like these analogies today’s word we’ll discuss is similar.  A Whisper Number forecasts what investors think will happen before the earnings…

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[Video] Your Healthy Financial Future

Your Healthy Financial Future STEPHEN SMALENBERGER, EA® Moments: Our lives are full of them.  Some are big, powerful, defining milestone moments.  Some moments we can plan for, engineer, and maybe even create.  Other moments are surprises and catch us off guard. A lot like raindrops, some are memorable but most are forgettable.  Usually that first…

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It’s A Matter Of Time

It’s A Matter Of Time With the market at all-time highs is it still a good time to invest?  Even seasoned investors who are still adding money toward their goals may consider whether the time is right.  This isn’t necessarily just a question for today’s market, but it could be asked any time.  The answer…

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