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[Video] Your Healthy Financial Future

by Financial Design Studio, Inc. / April 23, 2018

Your Healthy Financial Future


Moments: Our lives are full of them.  Some are big, powerful, defining milestone moments.  Some moments we can plan for, engineer, and maybe even create.  Other moments are surprises and catch us off guard. A lot like raindrops, some are memorable but most are forgettable.  Usually that first raindrop, or the one that hits me in the face, the last one, or the collection of them. Maybe ones I see filling up a puddle, washing off my car, filling up a creek and doing damage with flooding.

These are just like moments in our lives.  Some are positive, some are negative. Here’s an exercise to consider for yourself:   Think back through your life, the various phases of it. Think about moments both financial and non-financial that have impacted you and helped define the person you are today.

For an example: Maybe in your first phase you made your first best friend, learned how to drive, got your first job.  Those are big moments! Then maybe you went off to school, then got married, bought a home, and had a child. These are all mostly positive moments!  Some negative moments may have been moving away and losing your best friend, maybe the loss of a job, or breaking up with a date. Maybe it was even a death or loss of a family member.  Reflect back on these moments!

Now, going forward have a plan.  Don’t be reactionary but be ready.  What moments will you be facing? Are you ready if your daughter or son start college soon?  Are you ready for retirement or to take care of a family member?

The whole point of this exercise is to not only look back and see how experiences have affected your life so far, but to also look forward to what may come and have a plan so you’re ready and not reactionary when those moments come.



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