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Archive for December 2017

Now What? New Year’s Lower Taxes

Financial Design Studio Tax Break

Now What? New Year’s Lower Taxes Now that Christmas has come and gone everyone is left thinking ahead to the New Year finances in 2018.  What will the new year bring?  What changes do you anticipate making?  These same questions can be asked of the markets and how to view the days ahead. To Itemize…

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[Video] Tax Gain/Loss Harvesting

Video Gains

MICHELLE SMALENBERGER, CFP® Tax Gain/Loss Harvesting We want to help you think through one last item here at year-end.  Here are some things you can do with your investments to also help with a little bit of tax planning.  Often people can have a dilemma when they look at their investments only to realize that…

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Gifts From Santa Claus For The Market?

Gifts from Santa Claus for the market? You’ve no doubt seen the market rise this year, but did you know there is a specific rally that typically happens in late-December?  A Santa Claus rally is a rise in stock prices in the month of December, generally seen over the final week of trading prior to…

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[Video] Merry Christmas!

STEPHEN SMALENBERGER, EA Think of a special gift you’ve gotten for Christmas?  One that we like to give is shared experiences.  Think of a Disney on Ice, going on a ski trip with your family, dinner, movie, or concert tickets.  All of these are really special because it shows that you’ve thought of someone else…

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[Video] Donating Appreciated Stock

fds appreciated stock

STEPHEN SMALENBERGER, EA Maybe you’re considering a way to support a not-for-profit organization that you believe in.  Here’s a way to do just that with something that you already own… appreciated stock. What is appreciated stock?  It is an investment that has grown since you bought it. Let’s use an example and use some number…

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