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Archive for October 2017

[Video] Complete Your RMD’s

RMD Complete Website Cover

What are RMD’s and how can you make sure they are complete? Another item on your year-end checklist is making sure that your required minimum distributions are completed.  There can be a variety of different types of accounts that this affects so we really want to make sure that we don’t forget about something.  This…

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[Video] Maximize Annual Retirement Contributions

Maximize Annual Retirement Contributions One of the items at year-end that we need to be thoughtful of is how much money we’ve put into your retirement accounts available to us.  This is one item that is part of our year-end tax planning checklist. In this video, we discuss maximizing your annual retirement contributions: MICHELLE SMALENBERGER,…

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Third Quarter Earnings Are In Full Swing (Unlike The Cubs)

Quarterly Earnings

 Third Quarter Earnings Are In Full Swing (Unlike The Cubs)! Just like we watched our beloved Chicago Cubs inch out wins during the playoffs, quarterly corporate earnings keep us watching with anticipation. Corporate earnings are reported each calendar quarter and provide us with insight to how a company is operating. The earnings number represents how…

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