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What In The World Is Going On?


You can picture the movie scene where a character says: “Don’t move” while the others cautiously stand still and watch.

You could say this is reminiscent of the world at the moment.  Instead of standing in paranoia, we are waiting for clear direction.

There are so many random, unconnected events happening all over the world.  In this state of events — do not make any sudden moves!

With natural disasters, political drama and geopolitical tension, here are just some of the items that hang in balance:

  • A Fed Chair decision to be decided upon by President Trump in the next two to three weeks
  • Hurricanes Irma, Jose and Maria leave many without power and shelter as rebuilding efforts begin
  • Ongoing tension with North Korea
  • Tax Reform details beginning to emerge but a final bill still remains to be seen
  • Health Insurance Reform looks to be defeated without a vote
  • Corporate Quarterly Earnings which have been strong may potentially show weakness in the upcoming quarter due to recent natural disasters
  • Mexico earthquakes leave many without a home and loved ones

Gaining clarity on any one of these items would provide us with a much clearer view going forward.  In light of this long list, the market has continued to rise which is encouraging.  Over the coming weeks, we will be watching for signs of any change of course that need to be considered and made.

Yet, in light of so many events happening all over the world our best suggestion is to sit tight and don’t make any sudden movements!