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[Video] Financial Planner: Blank Slate


[Video] Financial Planner: Blank Slate


When we get started working with a new client there are always three things we share with them.

And it’s always interesting the reaction we get from this, as a financial advisor we thing this is a common thing you would expect.


So the first thing is we won’t push our values on you. There might be things we would personally do with our money that you would or would not do with your finances. So we don’t want to push that on you.

Blank Slate

Secondly, we aren’t going to judge you with anything that has happened in the past. So there is nothing y’us done in the past, it doesn’t help anything, our goal is to say where are you today to hep you make progress today. These help you and motivate you going forward.


The third thing is to keep everything we discuss is confidential. This is just between you and us and anyone else you approve us to discuss it with. We don’t discuss your finances with your network, colleagues, family, friends. It’s so important that when we are working with you we keep everything confidential. We want you to know these are things that are important to us that we have the best possible relationship possible.

One thing that was surprising that when we went through these three things, we actually spoke with someone coming to us for the first time who had things shared or knew someone who had things shared previously by another financial advisor to sibling or parent.

So we just wanted to make sure you know that if you are considering becoming a client, that you know that these are three things we take very seriously. 

We also want you to have confidence in us that we are going to be doing our best for you and your situation. 

We hope that this helps you, even just to reiterate some of the things that are really important to us as we are working with you. 

Wondering how this affects your finances? Contact us to discuss!

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