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Feel Versus Real [Video]

by Steve Smalenberger / February 4, 2020

Sometimes there’s a difference between what we think we’re doing and what we actually are. 

See, I love the game of golf and recently I took a little camera like this, went outside, set it up behind myself and hit record. 

I took some swings and when I went back and looked at it, I was able to notice things that I didn’t realize were happening. 

I was looking at swing angles and swing planes. I was able to review this and found what I was feeling was very different from what I was actually doing. 

We call that feel versus real. 

You see what I feel I’m doing, doing doesn’t always match up with reality. 

As financial advisers were trying to come alongside you just like a swing instructor or a golfer that hits record. 

We’re trying to give you another perspective, an outside professional perspective to see what area should we tweak. 

So how do you feel about what you’re doing?

Do you need another outside perspective to give you guidance? 

We wanna come alongside you and help match what is real with how you feel.

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Steve Smalenberger

Steve enjoys getting to know clients and hear their unique stories and the lessons learned which has brought them where they are today. One of the reasons he enjoys what he does is the ability to show the outcome that can be achieved with different choices. He also enjoys continually learning.