Effective Teaching In Honor of Back To School [Video]

by Financial Design Studio, Inc. / August 1, 2018

Most parents hope their child’s teacher demonstrates effective teaching. In honor of back to school we wanted to share this quote.  

“The Mediocre Teacher Tells, The Good Teacher Explains, The Superior Teacher Demonstrates, The Great Teacher Inspires.” – William Arthur Ward

What’s true effective teaching? We’ve noticed with clients and our daughter is that at different times we use different ways of teaching or learning. At different times we can simply explain something, while other times we need to demonstrate it. And sometimes we need to inspire someone so they realize what they can become or achieve in order to get people to start making progress.

It’s not only about teaching but also about learning. This is why effective teaching is so important! Another way to understand how your child is learning is to remember the Peter Principle. This principle explains that at first we are incompetent in a skill until we learn it. With your child entering a new grade remember they don’t know yet the skills they will learn this year. But by the end of the year they will master those new found skills! Just like when we move into a new role in our careers, it takes time for us to learn and master that.

There are different times we have to use a variety of techniques depending on the person.  Think about how you can use this in your life. With your kids going back to school, if there’s someone who’s great at teaching them, acknowledge that and let them know!

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