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[Video] 86% Of Estate Planning Documents Don’t Get Finished


[Video] 86% Of Estate Planning Documents Don’t Get Finished

Recently I heard a statistic about estate planning documents showing the percentage of documents that never get done.


This percentage was 86% of estate planning documents never get finished. 


What this means is if you get those documents drafted, that could be a will, trust, or power of attorney, you are saying I want someone to take control when I pass away or become incompacitated, these documents are important in those situations. 


So this statistic says that 86% of those people that start, never finish. They never actually sign them. That is really what puts this in as a priority. You can have them beautifully drafted and they say what you want, but if you never sign them, then they actually aren’t enforced. 


With this being such a high statistic it reminded me of when I was at a business strategy workshop for a week. One of the other persons who was there brought up this great list of strategy and options to help their business move forward to help them succeed. Their concern was actually that they wouldn’t follow through with everything they planning.

They were concerned that they would go home and have good intentions to finish it, but they wouldn’t actually do it. 


And so, I really think this is something that can be common. When you start out, you mean well, but you never actually finish it.


And I thought this was a very high number, but it must be true!

Instead of you being a part of this statistic, we really want to help you move forward with your goals. Making a plan and setting some goals and actions you can actually accomplish is what we can help you with. Contact Financial Design Studio, Financial Advisors in Deer Park.  

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