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Archive for April 2019

[Video] Big vs. Little Financial Decisions

Financial Design Studio Financial Goals

[Video] Big vs. Little Financial Decisions MICHELLE SMALENBERGER, CFP ® Do you ever catch yourself thinking about expenses in a sense that, “I’m spending so much”. Or, “This is going to cost me a lot, I’m not keeping much”. If so, you might categorize your expenses in your mind “Big Versus Little”. I often think…

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Still Strong Earnings

Still Strong Earnings It was a week of earnings data releases! This week we have received several pieces of data that can provide some guidance as to how the economy performed in the first quarter. Even with the good news, the market is not soaring to new highs. It is awaiting many other company results…

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[Video] Why Fund An HSA?

Financial Design Studio Why Fund An HSA

[Video] Why Fund An HSA? STEPHEN SMALENBERGER, EA ® So we talked about the overview of a Health Savings Account an HSA. But now let’s continue on that, or build on that. Why would you want to fund it? What’s the advantages of funding it, versus paying out of pocket? Let’s look at those right…

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[Video] What Is An HSA?

Financial Design Studio What Is An HSA

[Video] What Is An HSA? STEPHEN SMALENBERGER, EA ®   Sometimes our clients ask us, “How do we take advantage of different tax benefits?” Or, “My employer is offering this, should I take it?” One account that’s really helpful is an HSA: Health Savings Account. Let’s talk through it, explain what it is, some of the…

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