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Archive for November 2018

[Video] Understanding Stock Gifts

Financial Design Studio Understanding Stock Gifts

[Video] Understanding Stock Gifts MICHELLE SMALENBERGER, CFP ® Let’s take some time to talk about the behind-the-scenes of stock gifts.  This is when you are giving stock you own to charities or not-for-profit organizations.  That’s exactly what is happening you give them shares of stock because you want to give them money. One benefit to…

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How do product trends affect your investments?

Financial Design Studio Product Trends

How do product trends affect your investments? With the past six weeks of market volatility we understand it’s been discouraging to see the effect of this market pullback.  And there has been an encouraging bright spot this week! During the week we have seen the market try to make positive moves, only to move lower.…

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[Video] Be Proactive: Tax Analysis

Financial Design Studio Tax Analysis

[Video] Be Proactive: Tax Analysis STEPHEN SMALENBERGER, EA ® One question we hear a lot from those who are self-employed and doing some type of payroll is: “How do I balance my taxes and save for the future?” For this let’s discuss your tax analysis… Let’s go through an example so I can show you…

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