Financial Design Process

Designed for you. Accomplished with you.

Our financial design process follows a path our financial advisors have developed over years of planning.

With each step, we uncover information needed to create a customized financial design, together.

Customize your experience through our process | Listen - Information Sharing - Design - Final Presentation - Implement - Review

Financial Design Studio Listen


Where are you now, financially? Where do you want to be? How do you define success? To design a plan for you, we must hear from you. This stage allows for everyone to be heard so solutions work for all.

Financial Design Studio Share


Next, you give us all information that could be relevant for your design. Financial statements, tax returns, assets, or anything else that helps us understand the big picture.

Financial Design Studio Design


We pool all we’ve talked about and lay out a blueprint for your future financial success. Each blueprint includes a timeline of key milestones for you to target.

Financial Design Studio Present


Together we walk through your blueprint, discussing any plans that are unclear and adjusting any goals that need revised.

Financial Design Studio Implement


After we connect you with our trusted network of professionals and their services, we put your blueprint in motion. Online tools are given to you so you can follow your plan details anytime, anywhere.

Financial Design Studio Review II


To stay on track, we regularly review your plan and results together. By remaining flexible, we can adapt your plan to life events and circumstances to ensure it works for a lifetime.

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