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Nearing Retirement

You've done the hard work. Advancing in your career, saving and investing for your retirement. And now you're just a few years away from realizing that goal. 

But what's the best way to use the savings you've built up over the course of your career? We work with you to create a retirement income plan that fits into your desired lifestyle in retirement.

Tax planning is a critical part of retirement income planning. Some strategies need to be implemented before you actually retire, which is why we recommend starting the conversation when you're about 10 years away from retiring.

Your Questions Might Include

  • Should I downsize my home?
  • Can I move to a different state?
  • Am I invested correctly for my risk tolerance?
  • When should I begin receiving social security payments?
  • Could I be saving money on my taxes with a little planning?
  • When I pass, will my hard-earned assets go to those I want?


Planning &
Investment Management

Financial Planning: Tell your Money How to Work for You

Before you make the decision to retire you want to choose a plan where you feel confident. We will help you consider the many decisions ahead of your retirement. We will take a year-by-year look so you know what to expect as we match your finances to your desired goals. 

Good surprises are welcome -- like a higher than anticipated market return or lower tax rates. And with a plan we can help you minimize any unpleasant surprises.

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Wealth Management: Take Stock of Your Investment Options

Management of your investments should include careful consideration of a wide range of factors. Each impacts your portfolio and determines what types of investments are made. Your current life phase, and the one you’re moving toward, tells whether growth or preservation is most important.


Together, we decide the percentage of stocks, bonds, funds, or other investments. Next, each investment is carefully assigned an account type based on tax implications.


Investments we may use include:

  • Individual stock
  • Bonds
  • Exchange traded funds (ETFs)
  • Mutual funds
  • Alternative investments

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How We
Work Together

Financial Blueprint Design

The lifestyle you live now (and the one you want to create) shapes how your finances should be managed. Everyone has different priorities and goals, so no two financial blueprints are the same. Regardless of which financial services you need, we start by developing a blueprint to guide us toward success.

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Schedule a Meeting or Ask a Question

If you have questions about financial planning, wealth management, or our financial design process, send us a note. If you’re ready to explore a partnership, schedule an introductory call with one of our experienced advisors.