How To Save For College- Resource Download II

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Don't let college expenses creep up on you as your child ages.

It only takes a little bit of planning and the right choice in investment accounts to prepare for this important event in your child's future!

Did you know it only takes $100 set a side per month starting at newborn through 18 years old to create an adequate fund of 60k?

Compare that to starting the savings when your child is 10 years old! You'd have to put in $400 a month to get the same result of 60k!

Here is our handy resource guide with charts, tips, and an explanation of account benefits to help your college savings grow the way you'd like them to!

Top questions we will answer in this college fund savings resource:

  • How much does college cost?
  • What options are out there for college saving accounts?
  • What is a 529 Plan and why do we recommend it for college funds?
  • How you can strategize your savings plan to meet your financial goals?
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Get A Customized College Savings Plan That's Right For Your Goals!

What's included in your College Planning Package?


College Planning Package strategy meeting with Steve and Michelle

  • We identify which savings and investment accounts would be best to use for your financial status
  • Compare and contrast university cost and expenses for your future college selections
  • Walkthrough and identify current funds for your college expenses
  • Calculate your level of savings projection for the years to come
  • Create a goal plan for how much you'd like to fund for your child's education
  • Analyze change and funding update opportunities related to your current savings in place

Continual & unlimited access to college planning software tracking your progress

  • Link your savings accounts to see your progress toward funding as you continue to save
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List of additional links and resources that may be helpful as college grows closer

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