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[Video] Study Your Pay Stub

financial advisor deer park barrington pay stub draft

STEPHEN SMALENBERGER, EA® [Length: 4:02 Minute Video] So we’ve all had the joy of opening a pay stub, expecting a big amount, and then looking at the bottom and being very disappointed. The goal in this video is to walk you though your pay stub, whether this is the first time reviewing a pay stub…

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[Video] Health Insurance Comparison 

financial advisor health insurance comparison draft

STREVORE MEYER, CFP®, CKA® [Length: 2:40 Minute Video] Health Insurance Comparison So today we want to talk about your insurance. And how to choose the right plan for you and your family. There are lots of factors that go into what we pay for life insurance and the three biggest ones that come to mind are…

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[Video] The Benefits Of Changing Jobs

Financial Advisor Deer Park Draft Time For A Career Change

[Video] The Benefits Of Changing Jobs ROBERT STOLL, FP®, CFA® [Length: 1:37 Minute Video] Let’s talk about your career and what the benefits of changing jobs might be for you. A lot of career experts will say that changing your career jobs on a regular basis is not only good to help you advance your…

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[Video] Employee Benefits: Health Insurance And HSA

financial advisor Deer park Barrington health insurance

[Video] Employee Benefits: Health Insurance And HSA   MICHELLE SMALENBERGER CFP® & TREVORE MEYER, CFP®, CKA® [Length: 3:17 Minute Video] Michelle: So a major cost that many people are always thinking about is health insurance. And you can get this through your employer. It’s an employee benefit that is usually available to you at some…

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