Life Insurance

existing life insurance contracts

What to look for in existing life insurance contracts? [Video]

May 3, 2021

Our final video of our life insurance series “What to look for in existing life insurance contracts”. What 4 things should you be looking for?

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Life Insurance: Death Benefit Types

Life Insurance: Death Benefit Types [Video]

April 27, 2021

Our third video in our life insurance series we are discussing life insurance death benefit types with permanent policies. Which is best?

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Life insurance

What goes in, What comes out? Life Insurance [Video]

April 19, 2021

In our second life insurance series video we are talking about what goes in, what comes out with life insurance policies. Watch to see more!

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Type of Insurance

Life Insurance Video Series

June 28, 2017

MICHELLE SMALENBERGER, CFP® I’d like to talk about one area of financial planning that seems to be misunderstood. Or maybe there’s just a lack of knowledge about this topic, and that’s insurance. When you’re considering getting any type of insurance, you the insured are looking to transfer the risk to someone else. So really what’s…

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How many years will I have Insurance?

[Video] When Do I Need To Have Life Insurance?
Insurance Part 4

June 28, 2017

MICHELLE SMALENBERGER, CFP® The last part I really want to talk you through is the term, or how long we typically have life insurance. When you’re buying a policy, especially maybe this private policy, it may be that you have it for 5 to 10 years, or 20 to 30 years. And really, the purpose…

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Employer vs Private Insurance

[Video] What are the Sources of Life Insurance?
Insurance Part 3

June 23, 2017

MICHELLE SMALENBERGER, CFP® So now that we know the amount of life insurance that we agree that we need, we really want to look to where the sources of that insurance are going to be. It’s very common that someone who works for an employer or for a company may get a benefit that’s just…

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