Will we get relief from inflation

Will We Get Relief From Inflation

Inflation is on fire with prices going up everywhere. Is there any relief from inflation on the horizon? In this month’s newsletter we look ahead to the rest of 2022 and speculate that we may have a brief respite from inflation.

performance divergences in first quarter 2022

Incredible Performance Divergences in First Quarter 2022

There have been incredible performance divergences in the first quarter of 2022. Commodities have done great, but stocks and bonds have performed poorly. We review how each asset class has done so far this year and provide our view on how the rest of 2022 may play out.

Investment Returns 2021

2021 Investment Returns Review

How did different types of investments perform in 2021, and what’s ahead of 2022? In this month’s newsletter we review the investment returns for 2022 and provide some thoughts on what may or may not work in 2022.

Bond Allocation

Managing Interest Rate Risk In Your Bond Investments

We are talking about how to understand how interest rate risk in bonds work. Are bonds always a source of income and stability? Let’s see!