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Mega-Caps Big Stocks Are Driving The Market

Big stocks are driving the market fee only financial advisor deer park barrington chicago draft

Big Stocks Are Driving The Market In August 2018 Apple became the first company in America to be valued at more than $1 trillion. Since then, both Microsoft and Google have joined the ranks of trillion-dollar companies, with Amazon knocking at the door.   The rise of the “mega-caps” – as they’re referred to (a…

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Iran: Geopolitical Risk Creates Market Volatility

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Iran: Geopolitical Risk Creates Market Volatility On January 3 the U.S. attacked and killed Quasem Soleimani, Major General from Iran that the U.S. accused of plotting terror.   This surprising bout of uncertainty caused the stock market to pull back, while the price of oil and gold (a safe haven) rose strongly.  The biggest cause of…

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[Video] A Reminder To Take Action

financial advisor fee only deer park barrington reminder to take action draft

STEPHEN SMALENBERGER, EA® I’ve had this on my keychain for years. It’s a carabiner. It’s what mountain climbers, zipliners use to repel and go up and climb. It hasn’t really meant anything to me until this past weekend. You see I went away with my daughter, Emma. We went to a daddy daughter retreat up…

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