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Archive for June 2020

The 100 Year Loan

fee only financial advisor deer park barrington chicago a 100 year loan

This week, Austria issued its second-ever “century bond,” a bond that matures in 100 years. While that’s unusual enough, what’s really eye-opening is the interest rate they have to pay! In a world of low interest rates – and in the case of Europe and Japan, negative interest rates – we continue to see one…

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Stock Market Volatility Brings Opportunities

Fee Only Financial Advisor Deer Park Stock Market Volatility Brings Opportunities

Do you feel like you’ve missed out? One thing that has stood out during recent market volatility is the speed with which the market initially corrected from it’s near-term bottom, in late March. Not only has the market corrected quickly, but the size of the movements, both up and down have been drastic too. If…

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