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Archive for May 2020

Better Days Are Ahead For The Economy

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  There’s been a lot of gloom and doom with economic data in recent weeks. Question is: are there any signs of things turning around? The answer is YES!  There are dozens of economic indicators that are released in a given month. The problem with most of these statistics is that they’re stale, measuring what…

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[Video] Should I Refinance My Home During COVID-19?

[Video] Should I Refinance My Home During COVID-19? Let’s discuss with Senior Mortgage Loan Officer, Tom Cramer. Video Summary – How COVID-19 Pandemic Has Affected The Business: 1. Working Remote 2. Extremely busy with Refinance Transactions: a. Reaching out to any of my past customers who closed last year and beyond, most likely dropping their…

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Are Negative Rates Coming To The US?

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This week Federal Reserve Board Chairman, Jerome Powell, gave a speech about current monetary policy. Market rumors of negative interest rates have increased in recent weeks. What did he say about that? In response to the COVID epidemic spreading in March, the Federal Reserve took aggressive action to cut interest rates to near 0%. Their…

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Estate Planning During COVID-19

fee only financial advisor deer park barrington chicago estate planning during covid

  ESTATE PLANNING DURING COVID-19 Financial Design Studio Presentation – HEATHER WALSER, PARTNER AT LAVELLE LAW NO ESTATE PLAN IN PLACE If you become incapacitated or die with no estate plan documents in place, COURT intervention is required. Guardianship court appoints someone to make your medical and financial decisions. Probate court distributes your assets to your…

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