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Archive for March 2020

March Investment Financial Newsletter

fee only financial advisor deer park barrington chicago march newsletter finance

March Investment Financial Newsletter A lot has happened since we published last month’s February Investment Newsletter. At that time, the S&P 500 was making new record highs and economic data was solid. There were very few signs of trouble. Fast forward three short weeks, and the landscape has changed dramatically. The Coronavirus, which started quietly…

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Coronavirus Unemployment Benefits Resources

Coronavirus Unemployment Benefits Resources Fee Only Financial Advisor Deer Park Barrington Chicago

Coronavirus Unemployment Benefits Resources Some of the people we’ve talked to are unemployed or have fewer working hours because of the Coronavirus. Everyone is being affected a little bit differently these days.  Federal And State Unemployment Benefits First off, if your income has been ended or lowered, you want to file for unemployment. There is…

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Tax Extension To July 15

fee only financial advisor deer park Barrington Chicago tax deadline extended to July 15

Tax Extension To July 15 Are you expecting a refund? Depending on how tight money is right now, you might want to file as soon as possible to get that refund check!   Or maybe you want to wait as long as possible before filing to hold onto your finances longer.   Depending on which…

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